Career Management Service

If you are currently in a role, reasonably happy but considering your options for the near future, then we need to be speaking with you now, to understand your career aspirations, your personal goals and the type of role and organisation that would meet these aims.

Many of the individuals we are currently identifying roles for, we originally spoke with 6 months, 9 months or sometimes a year ago.

If we don’t know you are looking, we can’t consider you for the many jobs which are never advertised, but are filled confidentially.

  • Our confidential career management service has been used by many 'C' level executives, sales executives, technical specialists, and marketing professionals to assist them find their ideal long term career move.
  • By taking the step of a confidential discussion, we can qualify with you the current market conditions, whether your expectations are achievable and the timescales that might be involved in finding that ideal role.
  • One thing we commit to as an organisation is not to share your details with any organisation without discussing first with you whether the opportunity is right and the company and culture are a good fit. Only then would we make a confidential approach on your behalf. This can be done anonymously to ensure confidentiality.
  • We are a consultancy, not an agency, and will work closely with you in partnership to find the ideal career move.
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